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Watch Career Factor, A New Reality Show That Follows 9 IT Personalities As They Advance Their Careers on Windows Azure and other Microsoft Products

Postado em 21 janeiro, 2011

Here's something very cool:  a new real-time online reality show called Career Factor has just debuted that will tell the stories of nine real individuals around the world, each working to improve their IT careers.  During the next five months, each will be working toward a career goal with the help of Microsoft, its partners, and the global IT community.  One of the people you can follow is Neil, a Windows Azure developer from Dublin, Ireland who wants to learn how to develop an application on Windows Azure and SQL Azure.

Each candidate has a personal page where you can explore their backgrounds, learn from their experiences, and share your findings. You'll find videos, links to learning resources, tips, and updates via their blog and various social media outlets. So take a look around, find some common ground and get inspired by Career Factor.