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Updates and UserVoice forum for Azure Media Player!

Postado em 21 maio, 2015

Program Manager, Azure Media Services

It’s time for the first official update for Azure Media Player! Since the release of Azure Media Player last month, there has been quite a bit of great feedback and this update addresses some of that. To check out the new updates, view the change log and check out my previous blog to learn how to get started and how use Azure Media Player. We are constantly updating and optimizing Azure Media Player, so expect more great updates from Azure Media Player soon. Sign up using the link below to stay updated with the latest that Azure Media Player has to offer. Also, we want to build Azure Media Player with you and would love to hear your ideas or what features you want us to build.  Make yourself heard and help us on UserVoice.

What is Azure Media Player

Azure Media Player is an HTML5 web player capable of playing back adaptive streaming content from Azure Media Services.  It utilizes a variety of different technologies and uses the power of Azure Media Services to automatically select the correct underlying technology and streaming format to reach the most popular devices with ease.  Regardless of the underlying technology, developers have a unified JavaScript interface to access APIs. This allows for content served by Azure Media Services to be played across a wide-range of devices and browsers without any extra effort. Click here to learn more.

Providing Feedback

Azure Media Player will continue to grow and evolve, adding more features and enabling more scenarios.  To help serve you better, we are always open to feedback, new ideas and appreciate any bug reports so that we can continue to provide an amazing service with the latest technologies. Remember to read through the documentation and check out the samples first; they are there to help make your development easier. To request new features, provide ideas or feedback, please submit to UserVoice for Azure Media Player.  If you have and specific issues, questions or find any bugs, drop us a line at ampinfo@microsoft.com.

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