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New DocumentDB ORDER BY Features in the Azure Preview Portal

Postado em 8 julho, 2015

Program Manager, Azure Service Health
It's always been easy to create DocumentDB collections in the Azure preview portal.  With the release of ORDER BY support for Azure DocumentDB, we’ve updated our portal experience to make it just as easy to specify the indexing policy for your collections.  When creating a collection, you can now choose to apply one of three indexing policies:
  1. Default: Best for equality queries against strings, and ORDER BY, range and equality queries for numbers.
  2. Hash: Best for equality queries for both numbers and strings.
  3. Range: Best for ORDER BY, range and equality queries for both numbers and strings.
  Here is a screenshot of the updated create collection experience: CreateCollectionIndexingPolicy Needless to say, ORDER BY is also supported in the DocumentDB Query Explorer and updated examples are also available in the DocumentDB Query Playground. QueryExplorerOrderBy Read more about creating DocumentDB collections in the Azure Preview portal here.  While we're working on enhancing the portal collection create experience so that you can define your own custom indexing policy (stay tuned for more information on that feature), you can apply a custom indexing policy when creating collections programmatically.  Read more about configuring DocumentDB indexing policies here. As always, we’d love to hear from you about the DocumentDB features and experiences you would find most valuable within the Azure portal.  Please submit your suggestions on the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB feedback forum.  For a one month hassle-free DocumentDB trial, please send an email to docdbpromo@microsoft.com by 7/31/2015 with the subject line “I want to try out DocumentDB."  To stay up to date on the latest DocumentDB news and features, follow us on Twitter: