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New Add-ons in the Windows Azure Store

Postado em 27 fevereiro, 2013

Editor's Note: This post comes from Chris Lattner, Sr. Product Manager for Windows Azure Store.

We are excited to announce the availability of four great new add-ons in the Windows Azure Store. If you have not experienced it yet, the Windows Azure Store is a place to discover, purchase, and use premium app services and data sets which complement and extend the native functionality of Windows Azure. Most offers in the Windows Azure Store include a free version, so get started exploring today with no obligation. See this blog post for more information on finding and using the Windows Azure Store. The latest additions to the Azure Store are:

provides industrial strength online image processing available through an easy API using language agnostic simple JSON calls. 
seamlessly delivers your website's images from the cloud to your users, improving your performance and scale. Manage your assets in the cloud and let Cloudinary automate image uploading, resizing, cropping, optimizing, sprite generation and more.

VS Anywhere enables real-time collaboration for Visual Studio. Improve code quality, speed up your development process, share best practices, and more. With VS Anywhere you can share your projects in seconds with anyone in your organization.

Do you have an add-on that you would like to see in the Azure Store? Let us know about it