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Cross-Post: iOS Support with Windows Azure Mobile Services – now with Push Notifications

Postado em 5 dezembro, 2012

Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI

A few weeks ago I posted about a number of improvements to Windows Azure Mobile Services. One of these was the addition of an Objective-C client SDK that allows iOS developers to easily use Mobile Services for data and authentication.  Today I'm excited to announce a number of improvement to our iOS SDK and, most significantly, our new support for Push Notifications via APNS (Apple Push Notification Services).  This makes it incredibly easy to fire push notifications to your iOS users from Windows Azure Mobile Service scripts.

I have written a detailed post on my blog where I provide two complete tutorials that take you step-by-step through the provisioning and setup process to enable your Windows Azure Mobile Service application with APNS (Apple Push Notification Services), including all of the steps required to configure your application for push in the Apple iOS provisioning portal. In addition, I explain how to handle feedback scripts for expired device tokens and channels as well as provide code for you to invoke the improvement we have made to our iOS Client API login method.  

Read the entire post over on my official blog and stay tuned for more information and updates.