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Community spotlight: Notifications for DocumentDB changes using Logic Apps

Postado em 17 março, 2016

Senior Content Developer, DocumentDB

One of the driving factors behind putting Azure documentation on GitHub was to create an open environment where community members could easily contribute to Azure content. We are appreciative of every community content submission, but we really love it when someone writes their own article. With that, we’d like to thank DocumentDB Wizard and Azure Solution Architect, Howard Edidin for his recent contribution Notifications for new or changed DocumentDB resources using Logic Apps.

In this article, Howard responds to the question “Does DocumentDB support notifications for modified resources?” by walking through the business model and sample solution an IT department could employ to retrieve updated patient records. His open-source solution on GitHub uses Azure Logic Apps to query DocumentDB for healthcare documents changed in the last hour. If changes were made, the modified documents are sent to Azure Blog Storage for review, and an email notification is sent.


Howard’s solution caters to Health Level Seven International (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) documents, but could easily be repurposed for other industries. So we thank Howard for his contribution and invite you to contribute to any of the articles on azure.microsoft.com by clicking the Edit on GitHub link at the top of each Azure article, or go directly to the azure-content repo on GitHub. We are continually striving to make all content more accessible and look forward to opening additional content sets to community contributions in the future.


If you have questions or feedback about DocumentDB, please reach out to us on the developer forums on StackOverflow or schedule a 1:1 chat with the DocumentDB engineering team.

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