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Channel 9 Moves to the Cloud with Windows Azure

Postado em 8 novembro, 2011

Channel 9 was created in 2004 as a developer-focused community site featuring video channels, discussions and podcasts with Microsoft developers and customers.  The goal of the site is to bring forward the people behind the products and connect them with the people who use them.  Originally hosted on a third-party ISV, Channel 9 recently completed a move to Windows Azure.  In this great new article, Channel 9 Developer Lead Duncan Mackenzie details the move and shares some great guidance for others considering a move to the cloud with Windows Azure.  He also highlights how the move benefits Channel 9 users with virtually unlimited scalability during peak usage periods, while enabling the developers behind Channel 9 to focus on serving their community and delivering great content. 

Read the full article.  Check out Channel 9.