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Postagens de: Jing Xu

Ephemeral OS Disk in limited preview

quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2018

Last week at Microsoft Ignite, we launched Ultra SSD, a new industry leading high-performance disk type for IO intensive workloads. Adding to that, today we are delighted to share the limited preview of Ephemeral OS Disk.

Program Manager, Azure Compute

New smaller Windows Server IaaS Image

quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

We continue to find ways to make Azure a better value for our customers. Azure Managed Disks, a new disk service launched in Feb '17, simplifies the management and scaling of Virtual Machines (VM). You can choose to create an empty Managed Disk, or create a Managed Disk from a VHD in a storage account, or from an Image as part of VM creation.

Program Manager, Azure Compute