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Getting Started with Monitor - Security Breach Or Risk Activity Log Alerts - in Java

This sample shows examples of configuring Activity Log Alerts for potential security breach or risk notifications. - Create a storage account - Setup an action group to trigger a notification to the security teams - Create an activity log alerts for storage account access key retrievals - List Storage account keys to trigger an alert. - Retrieve and show all activity logs that contains "List Storage Account Keys" operation name in the resource group for the past 7 days for the same Storage account.

Running this Sample

To run this sample:

Set the environment variable AZURE_AUTH_LOCATION with the full path for an auth file. See how to create an auth file.

git clone https://github.com/Azure-Samples/monitor-java-activitylog-alerts-on-security-breach-or-risk.git

cd monitor-java-activitylog-alerts-on-security-breach-or-risk

mvn clean compile exec:java

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