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IoT Hub Intel Edison Client application

autor: Xin Shi
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 13.11.2017
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This repo contains the source code to help you get familiar with Azure IoT using the Microsoft IoT Pack for Intel Edison Starter Kit. You will find the lesson-based tutorials on

This repo contains an arduino application that runs on Intel Edison with a Grove temperature sensor, and then sends these data to your IoT hub. At the same time, this application receives Cloud-to-Device message from your IoT hub, and takes actions according to the C2D command.

Set up your edison

Follow this page to set up your edison and enable SSH.

Build Azure IoT SDK

Clone this repo into your Intel Edison, then navigate to the repo folder to run the following command to build Azure IoT SDK

sed -i -e 's/\r$//'
chmod 755

Connect your sensor with your edison

Connect with a physical Grove temperature sensor and LED

You can follow the image to connect your Grove temperature sensor and a LED with your Intel Edison.

DON'T HAVE A PHYSICAL Grove temperature sensor?

You can use the application to simulate temperature data and send to your IoT hub. 1. Open the config.h file. 2. Change the SIMULATED_DATA value from 0 to 1.

Running this sample

Build the sample code

Build the sample code by the following command:

cmake . && make

Run your client application

Run the client application with root priviledge, and you also need provide your Azure IoT hub device connection string, note your connection should be quoted in the command.

sudo ./app '<your Azure IoT hub device connection string>'

Send Cloud-to-Device command

You can send a C2D message to your device. You can see the device prints out the message and blinks once receiving the message.

Send Device Method command

You can send start or stop device method command to your Pi to start/stop sending message to your IoT hub.