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autor: Larry Franks
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How to use Python components in an Apache Storm topology on HDInsight

This topology uses the Flux framework to define a Storm topology using YAML. The components (spout and bolts) that process the data are written in Python.

This example has been tested with HDInsight 3.6 (Storm 1.1.0).


  • Python 2.7 or higher

  • Java JDK 1.8 or higher

  • Maven

  • (Optional) A local Storm development environment. This is only needed if you want to run the topology locally. For more information, see Setting up a development environment.

How it works

  • /resources/topology.yaml - defines what components are in the topology and how data flows between them.

  • /multilang/resources - contains the Python components.

  • /pom.xml - dependencies and how to build the project.

Build the project

From the root of the project, use the following command:

mvn clean compile package

This command creates a target/WordCount-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file.

Run the topology locally

To run the topology locally, use the following command:

storm jar WordCount-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.apache.storm.flux.Flux -l -R /topology.yaml

Once the topology starts, it emits information to the local console similar to the following text:

24302 [Thread-25-sentence-spout-executor[4 4]] INFO  o.a.s.s.ShellSpout - ShellLog pid:2436, name:sentence-spout Emiting the cow jumped over the moon
24302 [Thread-30] INFO  o.a.s.t.ShellBolt - ShellLog pid:2438, name:splitter-bolt Emitting the
24302 [Thread-28] INFO  o.a.s.t.ShellBolt - ShellLog pid:2437, name:counter-bolt Emitting years:160
24302 [Thread-17-log-executor[3 3]] INFO  o.a.s.f.w.b.LogInfoBolt - {word=the, count=599}
24303 [Thread-17-log-executor[3 3]] INFO  o.a.s.f.w.b.LogInfoBolt - {word=seven, count=302}
24303 [Thread-17-log-executor[3 3]] INFO  o.a.s.f.w.b.LogInfoBolt - {word=dwarfs, count=143}
24303 [Thread-25-sentence-spout-executor[4 4]] INFO  o.a.s.s.ShellSpout - ShellLog pid:2436, name:sentence-spout Emiting the cow jumped over the moon
24303 [Thread-30] INFO  o.a.s.t.ShellBolt - ShellLog pid:2438, name:splitter-bolt Emitting cow
^C24303 [Thread-17-log-executor[3 3]] INFO  o.a.s.f.w.b.LogInfoBolt - {word=four, count=160}

Use Ctrl+c to stop the topology.

Run the topology on HDInsight

  1. Use the following command to copy the WordCount-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file to your Storm on HDInsight cluster:

    scp target\WordCount-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

    Replace sshuser with the SSH user for your cluster. Replace mycluster with the cluster name.

  2. Once the file has been uploaded, connect to the cluster using SSH and use the following command to start the topology on the cluster:

    storm jar WordCount-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.apache.storm.flux.Flux -r -R /topology.yaml
  3. You can use the Storm UI to view the topology on the cluster. The Storm UI is located at Replace mycluster with your cluster name.

Once started, a Storm topology runs until stopped (killed.) To stop the topology, use either the storm kill TOPOLOGYNAME command from the command-line (SSH session to a Linux cluster,) or by using the Storm UI, select the topology, and then select the Kill button.

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