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autor: Larry Franks
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An example of how to use the JDBC to issue Hive queries from a Java client application.

The code in this project creates a new Hive table (external table,) and populates it with data from a sample table that is provided with the HDInsight cluster. Then it returns data from that table. Pretty basic.

How to use JDBC with HDInsight

JDBC connections to an HDInsight cluster on Azure are made over port 443, and the traffic is secured using SSL. The public gateway that the clusters sit behind redirects the traffic to the port that Hive is actually listening on. So a typical connection string would like like the following:


When establishing the connection, you have to specify the HDInsight cluster admin name and password. These authenticate the request to the gateway. For example:


Once the connection is established, it's just sending queries and waiting on Hive to respond:

sql = "SELECT querytime, market, deviceplatform, devicemodel, state, country from " + tableName + " LIMIT 3";
stmt2 = conn.createStatement();
System.out.println("\nRetrieving inserted data:");

res2 = stmt2.executeQuery(sql);

while ( {
  System.out.println( res2.getString(1) + "\t" + res2.getString(2) + "\t" + res2.getString(3) + "\t" + res2.getString(4) + "\t" + res2.getString(5) + "\t" + res2.getString(6));

To run this example

  1. Install Java version 7 or higher. Oracle, OpenJDBC, etc.; I'm not sure it really matters. I built/tested with Oracle Java 7 and 8. The Hadoop cluster I tested with is Azure HDInsight 3.6

  2. Install Maven.

  3. Get an HDInsight cluster. This example expects a Linux-based HDInsight cluster, version 3.5 or 3.6.

  4. Clone/fork the repository locally and change directories into it.

  5. Build and run the project using the following Maven command:

    mvn compile exec:java -Dexec.args="clustername clusteradmin clusterpassword"
    • Replace clustername with the name of your HDInsight cluster
    • Replace clusteradmin with the admin account name for your cluster
    • Replace clusterpassword with the password for the admin account

    Special note: If you are using PowerShell, you have to wrap the -D parameters in quotes. So it would be as follows:

    mvn compile exec:java "-Dexec.args=""clustername clusteradmin clusterpassword"""

This will return the following:

Getting a description of the table:
querytime       string
market  string
deviceplatform  string
devicemodel     string
state   string
country string

Inserting data into the table.

Retrieving inserted data:
01:37:19        en-US   Android Droid   X       Colorado
16:43:41        en-US   Android Droid   X       Utah
16:44:21        en-US   Android Droid   X       Utah

Hive queries completed successfully!

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