Sample application for Microsoft RMS SDK v4.1 for Windows Store Applications

autor: Yair Cohen
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 21.01.2016
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The Sample for Microsoft RMS SDK v4.1 for Windows Store Applications provides a basic document consumption example for the platform.


This Application can do the following:

  • Consume pjpg, ptxt, pfile protected to the cloud.

How to use this sample application


You must have installed the following software

  • Git for Windows
  • RMS UI SDK for Windows Store Applications(UI SDK git)
  • RMS SDK for Windows Store Applications(SDK download site)
  • ADAL for Windows Store Applications (ADAL download site)
  • Visual studio 12.0 and above with Windows Store Developer SDK
  • Setting up development environment

  • Create a new windows store application, with Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime package for Windows.

  • Download directly, or via nugget package, the ADAL SDK from here.

  • Download the RMS SDK v4.1 for Windows Store Applications from here

  • Get the latest UI Library drop: "git clone"

  • Add references to libraries in your project, (if you used the nugget command to get the ADAL SDK you will need to add

Additional information

Client Id and Redirection Uri must be set according to the ADAL library's specifications here - For domain joined onprem scenarios should be registered in the local ADFS.