Jak zakwalifikować się do skorzystania z nowej ceny, jeśli jestem obecnym klientem korzystającym z pomocy technicznej Standard platformy Azure?

Kwalifikujący się klienci korzystający z planu pomocy technicznej Standard platformy Azure nie muszą wykonywać żadnych działań. Począwszy od następnego okresu rozliczeniowego, kwalifikujący się obecni klienci korzystający z planu pomocy technicznej Standard platformy Azure będą obciążani opłatą w wysokości 300 USD miesięcznie i będą otrzymywać środki w wysokości 67,67% miesięcznie przez pozostały okres obowiązywania subskrypcji. Po odnowieniu okresu subskrypcji będzie obowiązywała nowa cena w wysokości 100 USD miesięcznie.

Kwalifikują się ci klienci platformy Azure, którzy zakupili lub planują zakup pomocy technicznej Standard platformy Azure bezpośrednio w witrynie Azure.com w ramach umowy dotyczącej witryny Microsoft Online Services. Te zmiany nie dotyczą platformy Azure (Niemcy).

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  • As an Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscriber, your school or institution gets access to our Education Hub Store. Your students access their cloud services in the Education Hub Store, which is in the Azure portal. Students sign in to the Azure portal with their school (or Azure Dev Tools for Teaching) credentials, open the Education Hub Store, and access the available software downloads.

  • No. Students don’t need an Office 365 account, but if they have access to your Active Directory account, they use the same credentials to sign in to the software. If students don’t use Active Directory, they must create a Microsoft Account (if they don’t already have one) using the same email address that you provide them.

  • Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium) is a subscription-based offering for accredited schools and departments providing access to tools commonly used in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. It provides professional developer and designer tools, software, and services from Microsoft to your faculty and students. It includes our latest technologies and cloud services to inspire and excite students. And, it provides educators a diverse set of resources to ensure their classrooms challenge, engage, and motivate students in new ways. This program has the following goals:

    • Provide access to our software and platforms: Educators and students get access to our products and technologies, giving them choices for current and future educational opportunities.
    • Deliver outstanding value: These subscription-based memberships provide convenient per-user license management, removing the complexity of licenses across multiple environments. Software that is acquired through your Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription is only for instructional and research purposes; you can’t use it to run the infrastructure of a department.
  • The Microsoft Privacy Statement describes the personal data that Microsoft collects, how it processes that data, and why it shares that data. This privacy statement covers a range of Microsoft products including its apps, devices, servers, services, software, and websites. It also provides product-specific information and details its policy for using cookies.

  • After the 30-day grace period, you are no longer able to renew your Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription. Also, your faculty, staff, and students will lose access to the software in your Education Hub Store. You must re-enroll in the program to receive a new subscriber ID number. After the subscriber ID number is activated, your students regain access to the Education Hub Store.

  • When you first enroll in the program, your subscriber ID number is in the subscription welcome email that you receive. If you renewed your subscription, it’s in the renewal email that the subscription administrator received. It’s also in the Visual Studio Subscription Portal; after you sign in, look under My Subscription on the My Account page. If you need help locating your current subscriber ID, please contact us.