Hype Cycle for Data Science and Machine Learning

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Opublikowano: 23.07.2018

Ongoing excitement around advanced analytics has produced a dense cluster of related technologies. Some have already achieved peak maturity, others never will, and still others show promise for guiding new levels of success of future data science endeavors. 

Amid these many options, sort out the trends and topics that will have lasting value to you as a data scientist. Download this complementary Gartner Hype Cycle report to: 
  • Find out Gartner's definitions, analysis, advice, and projected business impacts of more than 25 data science and machine learning technologies. 
  • Understand the technologies generating excitement and any significant movements in adoption and maturity. 
  • Gain insights to help evaluate your current capabilities and technology adoption prospects, and achieve greater success with data and analytics initiatives by focusing on the right investments. 
  • Get comprehensive assessments of technologies that might be too expensive, risky, or overhyped to justify adoption. 
  • Read about the relative benefits of each technology, including a projection of which ones will have the greatest mainstream impact over the next two to ten years.

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