Version 1

Version 1

Profil Version 1 jest niedostępny w języku Polski. Informacje są dostępne w języku English (UK).


Version 1 has been working in the Microsoft technology arena since 2006 and today is recognised as one of the most competent partners in the UK and Irish markets. With broad and deep expertise across the Microsoft stack, Version 1 can look beyond specific requirements to underlying customer issues and identify integrated solutions that leverage the entire technology stack. Version 1 are members of the Microsoft Azure Partner Circle since the infrastructure-as-a-service platform launch in early 2013.

Version 1 can guide you through the barriers to adopting and expanding your cloud environment. Regardless of the size of your business, we will work with you to prescribe the best cloud service offering within your budget and requirements. Once deployed we can manage and monitor your cloud infrastructure with our existing managed service to take the cost and effort out of doing this yourself.

Our services include:
• Infrastructure deployment in Microsoft Azure
• Datacenter extension into Microsoft Azure
• Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure
• Office 365 deployment
• Office 365 migration
• Managed service for Microsoft Azure and Office 365

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