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Qorus Breeze Proposals is designed to speed up the sales process by streamlining the task of creating, tailoring and managing pitches, proposals and RFP responses. One of the biggest selling points of Qorus’ technology is its real-time, multiple-user SharePoint co-authoring capability. Qorus wanted to take its collaboration capability even further by offering its clients a cloud implementation.

Qorus Software uses Microsoft Azure to help clients accelerate proposal management giving its clients greater flexibility and scalability while still providing security and high availability.

Qorus chose to adopt Azure, continuing a long-standing relationship with Microsoft. Azure’s ability to span multiple data centers, allowed for improved business continuity and disaster recovery for Qorus’ secure, multi-tenant environments. Qorus leverages:
• Azure Virtual Networks for secure interconnects between data centers
• Azure Virtual Machines and load balanced sets to meet high availability objectives
• Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to secure access to Microsoft Azure resources

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