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iQ-Series is a comprehensive suite of Detection, Recognition and Automated Surveillance Analytics systems, from simple intrusion and counting systems to unique object detection in a crowd, multi-lingual License Plate Recognition & the world’s first non-co-operative Facial Recognition for Crowded Scenes. iQ-Series products have the unmatched capability in analyzing realistic, complex and extremely crowded spaces using its internationally patented technologies such as Non-motion Detection.

Unique iQ-Series solutions cater for more than 30 industries ranging from Airports and Railways to Oil Refineries and Road Traffic Management. iQ-Series is armed with the Artificial Intelligence based Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS) to help eliminate false alarms while still maintaining detection accuracy. The series incorporates flexible architecture and has the ability to run using an infinite number of analogue or IP cameras.

iQ-Series products and capabilities includes:

- Detection Products: Consist of the iQ-Series which are rated based on their level of intelligence. The capabilities include abandoned object detection in a crowd, theft detection in a crowd, graffiti/vandalism detection in a crowd, illegal parking detection in high traffic areas, speeding detection, crowd management and counting, behavior analysis including loitering, running, slip and fall detection, counting for statistical analysis, perimeter protection and intrusion detection etc.

- Recognition/Identification Products: These products can tell the exact identity of vehicles or people in the scene. The capabilities include Face recognition in a crowded and complex scene, recognizing faces with low resolution, simultaneous detection and recognition of multiple faces, tracking, license plate recognition, multilingual license plate recognition etc.

- Convergence: The ability to do both Detection and Recognition at the same time on the same camera. This automates the surveillance without human intervention by converging the detection of unusual behaviors with the automatic recognition of culprits on the same camera. iQ-Hawk and iQ-Driver match are two products in this category.

iQ-Series product portfolio has unique solutions for more than 30 industries ranging from Airports and Railways to Oil Refineries and Road Traffic Management. iQ-Series products have won various International awards and competitions.

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