Infront Consulting Group

Infront Consulting Group

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Infront’s Solution Architects meet with our customers and spend as much time as needed to understand their priorities and discuss options, highlighting recommendations and discussing pros and cons to each. Infront can help you to determine your strategy and then assist you with the execution of the strategy and measurement and tracking of your success.

Cloud offering include the following:

1. Infront provides workshop offerings to assist customers on getting started with Azure technologies
2. Infront’s Digital Transformation Framework\Methodology is the cornerstone be base all customers digital transformations on to migrate their applications to Azure
3. Infront have developed custom OMS Log Analytics solutions that can pump data directly into Log Analytics for deep analysis
4. Infront offers a custom Azure Site Recovery solution to accelerate development testing on critical LOB application
5. Infront has developed ‘Stop Clock Dev’ as a solution to help our customers achieve more through automation. Ask us how our Stop Clock Dev solution can help your team achieve more.

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