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Exposé gives you a 360° vantage point for your organisation. Headquartered in South Australia, but working nationally, Exposé is a data and analytics consulting firm delivering business focussed outcomes for clients in the cloud. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and Intelligent Systems and a Silver Partner in Data Platform. Exposé is also a Microsoft Azure Global Black Belt Program Partner.

Our core competencies include providing consulting and solution design and development in the areas of:

- Internet of Things (IoT) - Azure IoT Hub
- Advanced Analytics & Visualisations - Cortana Intelligence Suite
- Big Data - HDInsight
- Predictive Analytics - Azure Machine Learning

We offer our customers an holistic view of their data from three vantage points:

Use the past to track performance and to understand what happened and why it happened using modern and evolving practices to resolve conventional business intelligence problems. Exposé offers clever architectures and responsive solutions that bring your organisation’s data to the right people fast and enabling your organisation to track history better so that better decisions can be made faster.

Use the clear historical view and contextual data from anywhere to peer into the future and to predict what will happen. Build on to the “Business Review” by adding our Predictive Analysis Architectures and Solutions; allowing your organisation to peer into the future so as to understand both the internal organisation and your market better; thereby enabling you to better respond to the future.

Automate the process to provide a view of what happened, why it happened and what will happen, to prescribe the best course of action and to ultimately guide the future strategic direction. Our Data Architectures and Solutions close the loop on History and the Future by allowing automation of prediction, and relaying it back as actionable data and feedback. This drives strategy and a roadmap in a fast changing environment.

Speak to us today about how you can expose your data any time, anywhere and on any device.

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