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Cloud Management

Cloud computing and management of cloud technology can be confusing for many businesses.

If your business is considering transitioning some of their computing resources to the cloud which needs to be managed by a service provider with cloud expertise, like AVC.

AVC delivers smarter cloud solutions that truly fit your business requirements. With a number of service and deployment models available, AVC has the expertise to recommend the right models to achieve your business goals.

AVC's Cloud Management Service includes:
•Cloud strategy recommendations including a cloud readiness assessment.
•Cloud transition management and set-up.
•Management of user specific settings for cloud based applications.
•Management of user access to cloud based software, infrastructure and platforms.

Why choose AVC for cloud management services?
•We have partnered with leading cloud vendors including: Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Telstra and VMware to provide clients with access to leading cloud technology.
•Through our Cloud Readiness Assessment, we begin by understanding your current ICT environment with a view to determining how a move to cloud technology will help your business.

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