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Seamless Migrations into Azure with Availability on Demand (AoD)

Opublikowano: 27 kwietnia, 2015

Group Manager, Azure Product Marketing
Datacenter Spinning up new applications in Azure is as easy as middle school math - any kid can do it. Replicating an active multi-tier production workload into the public cloud, then seamlessly transitioning line of business traffic to the copy in the cloud? That’s advanced calculus. Well, you’re in luck as now we’ve got you back to multiplication tables with Availability on Demand(AoD), allowing you to migrate physical, VMware, Hyper-V or AWS workloads into Azure in mere minutes. Watch how easily VMware virtual machines can be moved into Azure.   Thousands of customers signed up for our Migration Accelerator public preview, and based on its success, we’ve decided to increase our focus in this area and improve upon the Migration Accelerator by streamlining its user interface and integrating it into our AoD solution. Now, migrating live systems into Azure can be accomplished with AoD, as a feature of Azure Site Recovery (ASR), which acts as our live replication engine. Once a system is replicated in Azure by way of ASR, additional services provided by ASR, such as DevTest, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Bursting can be initiated in the same user interface. It’s incredibly simple – replicate a system into Azure with ASR, and once in Azure, these additional capabilities are available on demand, whenever they’re needed. Of course, this poses one problem - the Migration Accelerator is a free tool, and we certainly don’t want to require the use of a paid solution (ASR) to migrate assets, or create a pricing model that takes you to the land of advanced calculus, so we’ve decided to waive the first 31 days of ASR licensing for each system/asset replicated into Azure – which should give you more than enough time to migrate your asset(s) into Azure. Even if used for DevTest, Cloud Bursting, Disaster Recovery, etc – the first 31 days of ASR usage are free for each asset replicated into Azure. 31 days of ASR = $0. That’s simple math. Ready to get started? Sign up and start migrating your VMware, Hyper-V, Physical and AWS workloads into Microsoft Azure, using Azure Site Recovery. Click here for step by step instructions on leveraging AoD for Migration to Azure.