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New Windows Azure Marketplace Data Delivers the Latest Weather and Stock Information

Opublikowano: 30 listopada, 2011

Today we announce the release of two new data offers that have recently been added to the Windows Azure Marketplace:

  • Worldwide Historical Weather Data:  Provides weather information including historical daily maximum temperature, minimum temperature, precipitation, dewpoint, sea level pressure, windspeed, and wind gust for thousands of locations around the world. Data is available on-line from 2000 through the current week and historical data is added every week for the previous week for all global locations.
  • The Stock Sonar:  The Stock Sonar Sentiment Service provides sentiment scores for public companies trades on the US stock market. The Stock Sonar retrieves, reads and analyzes information from a wide variety of online sources including articles, blogs, press releases and other publicly available information based on an in-depth understanding of a text's meaning.

 The Windows Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling finished Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets. The Windows Azure Marketplace helps companies instantly discover premium applications, public domain and trusted commercial data from partners – everything from Health to Retail and Manufacturing applications to demographics, navigation, crime, and web services and algorithms for data cleansing. 

Learn more about the Windows Azure Marketplace: