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Forrester Reports: SQL Azure Raises the Bar On Cloud Databases

Opublikowano: 18 listopada, 2010

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

Over the past year, since the release of SQL Azure, we’ve been focused on delivering the highest quality database in the cloud. SQL Azure builds on the already strong SQL Server platform, but delivers a multi-tenant cloud based relational database, which is truly unique in the market.

Independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc. took note of this.  On November 2, 2010, Forrester published “SQL Azure Raises The Bar On Cloud Databases.” Forrester interviewed 26 companies using Microsoft SQL Azure over the past six months. As we also hear from our customers, most stated that SQL Azure delivers a reliable cloud database platform to support various small to moderately sized applications as well as other data management requirements such as backup, disaster recovery, testing, and collaboration. In the report, Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna states that key enhancements have been made that position SQL Azure as a leader in the rapidly emerging category of cloud databases and writes that it “delivers the most innovative, integrated and flexible solution.”

Key advantages identified include:

  • Low-cost acquisition and use
  • Minimal effort for administration and configuration
  • Easy to provision, on-demand capacity
  • High availability at no extra effort or cost
  • Scale-out capacity growth via a sharded data platform
  • Transparent data access for applications and tools

There are also great customer testimonials, such as:

  • “We did our cloud ROI analysis, and SQL Azure clearly stood out when it comes to offering a database platform at an attractive price. We are now considering more apps on SQL Azure.” (Andy Lapin, director of enterprise architecture, Kelley Blue Book)
  • “Getting a database that’s 24x7 at a fraction of the cost, even if only for our less-critical applications, is a dream come true. Previously those less-critical apps went down too often because we did not have budget for highly resilient servers and databases. SQL Azure definitely changes the game.” (Database administrator, telco)

We encourage you to check out his research here: SQL Azure Raises The Bar On Cloud Databases.