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Automatic Migration of Access Control Service Version 1.0

Opublikowano: 26 kwietnia, 2012

Last year, we announced the sunset of Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) version 1.0 and the availability of the ACS 1.0 Migration Tool that helps customers to easily migrate their ACS 1.0 namespaces to ACS 2.0.

We’re excited to share that we are able to automatically migrate many customers to ACS 2.0 in June 2012. Details regarding this have been already sent to customers with ACS 1.0 namespaces via email last month. 

If you have one or more ACS 1.0 namespaces, did not receive an email, and would like more information about automatic migration to ACS 2.0, please send an email to acsmigration@microsoft.com with your Windows Azure subscription ID and ACS 1.0 namespaces.

Click here to see a list of important differences between ACS 1.0 and ACS 2.0.