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Wpisy użytkownika Yatharth Gupta

5 reasons Databricks runs best on Azure

czwartek, 25 marca 2021

For any organization running big data workloads in the cloud, exceptional scale, performance, and optimization are essential. Databricks customers have multiple choices for their cloud destination. Azure Databricks is the only first-party service offering for Databricks, which provides customers with distinct benefits not offered in any other cloud.

Director of Product, Azure Data

Announcing Azure Databricks unit pre-purchase plan and new regional availability

wtorek, 6 sierpnia 2019

Azure Databricks is a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark based analytics platform that simplifies the process of building big data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Azure Databricks provides data engineers and data scientists an interactive workplace where they can use the languages and frameworks of their choice.

Director of Product, Azure Data