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Miesięczne archiwa: styczeń 2018

Integrate Azure Security Center alerts into SIEM solutions

środa, 31 stycznia 2018

We heard from several customers that you need a way to view your Azure Security Center alerts in your SIEM solution for a centralized view of your security posture across your organization. Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of a new feature called SIEM Export that allows you to export Azure Security Center alerts into popular SIEM solutions such as Splunk and IBM QRadar. We are continuing to invest in the number of partners we support. This feature is part of our on-going commitment to provide unified security management and protection for your cloud and on-premises workloads.

Senior Program Manager, Azure Security Center

Lambda Architecture using Azure #CosmosDB: Faster performance, Low TCO, Low DevOps

środa, 31 stycznia 2018

Azure Cosmos DB provides a scalable database solution that can handle both ingestion and query, and enables developers to implement lambda architectures with low TCO. Lambda architectures enable efficient data processing of massive data sets. Lambda architectures use batch-processing, stream-processing, and a serving layer to minimize the latency involved in querying big data.

Principal Program Manager, Azure CosmosDB