An award-winning AI service that delivers a personalized, relevant experience for every user

Create rich, tailored interactions

Boost usability and user satisfaction with reinforcement learning–based capabilities only available through Azure. Prioritize relevant content, layouts, and conversations through an easy-to-use API. Use Personalizer as a standalone personalization solution or to complement an existing solution—with no machine learning expertise required.

Automatic model optimization based on reinforcement learning, allowing AI to achieve the goals you set

Kennis van machine learning is niet vereist

User-friendly interface to monitor and adjust the learning loop according to your parameters and KPIs

Improve user experiences with real-time learning

Give users relevant experiences that improve over time, based on their behavior. Unlike recommendation engines that offer a few options from a large catalog, Personalizer presents the single best outcome for a user, every time they interact with your app.

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Get up and running quickly

Embed Personalizer by simply adding two lines of code. Easily inspect the accuracy of predictions and optimize as needed. Personalizer works with your data in any form. Start with no data at all or tap into your existing dataset to jump-start reinforcement learning.

Easily gauge how it’s working

Interpret and evaluate Personalizer through the interface. Validate results by reproducing them, and gauge effectiveness of parameters with a stack-ranked view. For example, evaluate the impact of age, gender, and time of day on content engagement.

Evaluate your models

Beveiliging voor de onderneming

  • Microsoft invests over USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.

  • We hebben meer dan 3500 beveiligingsexperts in dienst die zich bezighouden met het beveiligen van uw gegevens en privacy.

  • Azure has more certifications than any other cloud provider. View the comprehensive list.

Take charge with flexible pricing

Pay only for what you use, with no upfront costs. With Personalizer, you pay as you go based on number of transactions.

Bronnen voor ontwikkelaars

Documentatie en snelstartgidsen

Ga aan de slag met Personalizer.

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Start coding with C# | Node.js | Python

Concepten en best practices

Explore how to use Personalizer responsibly to deliver a positive experience for your users.

Meer informatie
  • Personalizer leert van het collectieve gedrag van gebruikers door de kenmerken over hen die u naar de service verzendt. Deze informatie wordt door Personalizer gebruikt om een gedeeld model te trainen dat wordt bijgewerkt met informatie van elke interactie, zodat de persoonlijke resultaten voor alle gebruikers worden verbeterd.
  • Personalizer works best when a rank call has 50 or fewer items. To personalize a choice from a larger list or catalog, reduce the number of items by using a recommendation engine or sorting technique.

    Learn more about scalability and performance

  • Our algorithms and innovation are based on continuous work by Microsoft Research and on applied use of Personalizer in Microsoft businesses such as Xbox and Windows. Learn more about our approaches and reinforcement learning.
  • Personalizer works with or without user sign-in but delivers richer, more relevant interactions for signed-in users.

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