Azure IoT Hub message routing

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IoT solutions can be complex, but Azure IoT Hub message routing will simplify IoT solution development by providing high-availability message ingestion that's secure and easy to use. Core properties of IoT Hub messaging functionality are the reliability and durability of messages. These properties will enable resilience to intermittent connectivity on the device side, and to load spikes in event processing on the cloud side. IoT Hub will implement delivery guarantees for both device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device messaging at least once, and it'll support multiple device-facing protocols (such as MQTT, AMQP, and HTTP). To support seamless interoperability across protocols, IoT Hub will define a common message format that all device-facing protocols will support.

In addition, message routing will take telemetry processing to the next level by offering a code-free way to dispatch messages based on their properties. 

Learn more about the enhancements to Azure IoT Hub messaging by reading the developer guide

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