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Starbucks “Deep Brew”: Hyper Personalization Applications with Reinforcement Learning at Starbucks

In 2017, Starbucks embarked on a journey to create a custom-developed, AI-driven recommendation platform (“Deep Brew”) to serve customers with relevant product recommendations across multiple channels including in-app ordering and digital menu boards. Deep Brew implements reinforced learning capabilities that allow Starbucks to adapt to customer preferences and context over time (category, ingredient, price sensitivity, time of day, weather, and location). Deep Brew is backed by scalable and flexible Azure infrastructure that can spin up and be torn down in minutes to build high-quality production ML applications with the best-of-breed secure and compliant environments. Starbucks will share their journey to deliver this curated customer experience using Azure cloud to scale and innovate consistently across all platforms through which customers interact and order at Starbucks.