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Managed Azure Storage Account Keys for Azure Key Vault using the Azure Node SDK

Laatst bijgewerkt: 18-7-2018
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This sample repo includes sample code demonstrating common mechanisms for managing storage account keys using Key Vault.


  • node.js 8+
  • An Azure Service Principal for running the sample on your Azure account. You can create an Azure service principal using one of the following guides:


  1. If you don't have it, install node.js
  2. Set the following environment variables using the information from your service principal. export AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID={your subscription id} export AZURE_CLIENT_ID={your client id} export AZURE_CLIENT_SECRET={your client secret} export AZURE_TENANT_ID={your tenant id as a GUID} export AZURE_CLIENT_OID={Object id of the service principal} > On Windows, use set instead of export.

  3. Clone the repo, install node packages, and run. git clone key-vault cd key-vault npm install node storage_account_sample.js


Certain portions of this sample require authenticated user to execute. For this reason the sample will prompt the user to authenticate with a device code. For more details see in-line comments in storage_acount_sample.js

What does this sample do?

The storage account sample is broken down into 8 different methods called in sequence by the main() method in storage_account_sample.js: ``` async function main() { console.log('Azure Key Vault - Managed Storage Account Key Sample');

// Get or create our sample vault
const vault = await SampleUtil.getSampleVault();

// Create and add a storage account to our sample vault
const storageAccount = await addStorageAccount(vault);

// Demonstrate updating properties of the managed storage account
await updateStorageAccount(storageAccount, vault);

// Demonstrate regeneration of a storage account key
await regenerateStorageAccountKey(storageAccount, vault);

// Demonstrate listing off the storage accounts in the vault
await getStorageAccounts(vault);

// Demonstrate the creation of an account-level SAS definition 
await createAccountSASDefinition(storageAccount, vault);

// Demonstrate the creation of a container-level SAS definition
await createBlobSASDefinition(storageAccount, vault);

// List all SAS definitions in the account
await getSASDefinitions(storageAccount, vault);

// Finally, remove the storage account from the vault
await deleteStorageAccount(vault, storageAccount);

} ```

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