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Azure Government PaaS Sample

A Web App on Azure Government that utilizes different Azure PaaS services

azure-samples door Azure Samples,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 15-1-2018

PHP Web Application with Azure AD B2C

A PHP web application that authenticates users with Azure AD B2C using OpenID Connect.

t-olhuan door t-olhuan,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 15-1-2018

Service Fabric Container Samples

This sample demonstrate two guest executable services communicating (one C# and one Nodejs) which are then packaged into docker containers

suhuruli door Sudhanva Huruli,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 10-1-2018

Get Azure invoice with .NET Core

An example on how to use .NET Core to connect to Azure and get your invoices

jlian door John Lian,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 9-1-2018

Create a VM with MSI authentication enabled

This sample demonstrates how to create Azure virtual machine with Managed Service Identity Extension using a Python client

lmazuel door Laurent Mazuel,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 9-1-2018

Integrating Azure AD into a Java web application

A server app that uses Azure AD and the ADAL4J library for authenticating the user and calling a web API using OAuth 2.0 access tokens.

brandwe door Brandon Werner,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 5-1-2018

Process events from Azure Event Hubs with Storm on HDInsight (Java)

A basic example of how to read and write data to Azure Event Hubs from an Apache Storm topology running on HDInsight.

blackmist door Larry Franks,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 5-1-2018

Write to HDFS from Storm on HDInsight

Learn how to write data to Azure Data Lake Store from a Java-based Apache Storm topology using HDInsight.

blackmist door Larry Franks,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 5-1-2018

Media Services: Integrating Azure Media Services with Azure Functions and Logic Apps

Sample Azure Functions for use with Azure Media Services. Ingest from Azure Blobs, encode and output to Azure Blobs, monitor encoding progress, and use WebHooks or Queues to hook into the workflow.

johndeu door John Deutscher,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 4-1-2018

Sample Android application for TensorFlow models exported from Custom Vision Service

Sample Anroid app for image classification using a TensorFlow model exported from Microsoft Cognitive Services Custom Vision

azure-samples door Azure Samples,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 4-1-2018

Ruby on Rails sample for Azure App Service

A simple Ruby on Rails application that demonstrates how to build data-driven Ruby apps in Azure App Service

cephalin door Cephas Lin,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 3-1-2018

Media Services: Google Analytics Plugin for Azure Media Player

A Google Analytics plugin for Azure Media Player

rajputam door Amit Rajput,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 3-1-2018

Java-based word count topology

A basic example of a Java-based Apache Storm Topology, and how to deploy and run it with HDInsight.

blackmist door Larry Franks,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 3-1-2018

Media Services: Live Monitoring Dashboard

A live event telemetry dashboard for monitoring the health of Azure media services

azure-samples door Azure Samples,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 29-12-2017

IoT Hub Raspberry Pi 3 Client application

Application collects weather data from a BME280 sensor and sends it to IoT hub, also take actions according to cloud-to-device message, device management.

shizn door Xin Shi,
Laatst bijgewerkt: 28-12-2017