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HITS Technologies

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HITS provides people management solutions to companies in more than 40 countries, managing specialist HR solutions for more than 1 million employees. With configurable flexibility around rules, policies, and procedures to account for variations in taxation, insurances, payroll and governance across different countries. HITS is developed on pure Microsoft technologies and can scale to accommodate large enterprises spread across multiple regions and countries, with easy integration methodology with all ERP and time management solutions and consistent, easy and secure UI and role-based access. HITS HR & Payroll SaaS is a full-fledged HR & Payroll solution on Microsoft Azure cloud, and the HITS team of experts backs up the technology with a range of related services to support the solution:

• Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and managed storage
• Customization and development on Azure (Windows Azure and SQL Server)
• Cloud-based services and application migration

HITS has a long history of delivering full-fledged HR solutions and can point to an exceptional service level and ease of transformation of this established and scalable solution to the Azure cloud, administering the migration and ongoing service.
HITS HRIS Modules:
HR Foundation (Profile data, Jobs, Organization Structure, Grades, HR status)
Benefit Management
Vacation Management
Time Keeping Management
Misconduct Management
Document Management
Recruitment Management
Training Management
Career Path & Succession Planning
Performance Appraisal Management
Email Alerting
Self Service & workflow.
Dashboards & KPIs.

“HITS Citizen Management System” can manage the citizen’s lifecycle from birth to death. Therefore, the system provides the ability of controlling the detailed information about each part of the citizen’s life. Through using the system’s security roles, each part of the system could be managed through the concerned governmental institution that’s in charge of managing this particular part of the citizen’s life.
HITS citizen management system provides one dynamic file for each citizen, including all the information about his/her life such as: civil information, medical information, educational information, job information, and criminal clearance; it also contains all the movements and travels inside & outside the country, the property & assets, the qualifications & competencies, the governmental subsidies provided to each citizen... and more.
Each Citizen has one unified file inside the system, this file contains everything related to the his/her life (all-in-one). All information can be accessed through the ministries, or any other governmental institutions whenever needed, under an unmatched security levels and access rights, in order to provide the highest level of dynamicity and security while using the confidential data of each citizen.
This solution can help any nation to entirely eliminate the bureaucracy and sterility in the data circulation process, and to avoid lots of problems such as:
• Difficulty of reaching accurate data related to any part of the citizen’s life.
• Financial and administrative corruption.
• Fraud and manipulation in the official documents... and more.

Components of citizen’s file
• Citizen’s profile & civil affairs
• Citizen’s health management
• Education & training management
• Citizen’s documents management
• Citizen’s legal affairs
• Citizen’s properties
• Subsidization & benefits
• Movements register
• Citizen’s income & tax management
• Citizen’s capabilities & competencies
• Workforce management
• Citizen’s change of status
• Citizen’s activities & relations
• Citizen’s identification
• Citizen’s security services
• Citizen’s objectives
• Citizen’s evaluation
• Citizen’s self-service

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