Virtual Machines

Azure M/B/V3-series VMs are now generally available in UK

woensdag 7 februari 2018

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) customers can now take advantage of the Azure M/V3/B-series of VM sizes available in the UK South region. We’re also excited to announce that Azure is the first hyperscale cloud provider to offer VMs with up to 4TB optimized for large in-memory and database workloads in the UK...

Principal Program Manager, Global Ecosystem

Keeping your environment secure with Update Management

maandag 22 januari 2018

Update Management allows you to manage updates and patches for your machines. With Update Management, you can quickly assess the status of available updates, schedule installation of required updates, and review deployment results to verify updates apply successfully. This is possible whether your machines are Azure VMs, AWS VMs, hosted by other cloud providers, or on premise.

Program Manager