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New Bytes by MSDN Delivers the Latest Interviews with Experts on the Cloud and Windows Azure

Gepost op 25 augustus, 2011

Bytes by MSDN interviews offer a great way to learn from cloud experts and Microsoft developers as they talk about user-experience, the cloud, phone, and other topics they’re passionate about. This week's featured video is with Rob Gillen and Dave Neilson, who discuss how the scientific community harnesses the cloud for high performance computing. Rob, from Planet Technologies, illustrates how Cloud Computing fits into the areas of computational biology and image processing and shares a neat example of gene mapping using the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) tool on Windows Azure.

Other recent News Bytes by MSDN videos about the cloud and Windows Azure include

Jim O’Neil and Dave on Windows Azure and Start-ups

In this discussion with Jim O'Neil, Microsoft’s North East developer evangelist, and Dave Nielsen, co-founder of CloudCamp & principal at Platform D, share real life examples of start-up companies that are harnessing the cloud to enhance their productivity and grow cost effectively. 

Michael Wood and Dave on Windows Azure And Proof-of-Concept Projects

In this discussion Strategic Data Systems’ Michael Wood and Dave talk about how Cloud Computing can alleviate the backlog and lower the barrier to innovation.

Lynn Langit and Dave on Windows Azure and Big Data

In this talk, Microsoft’s Lynn Langit and Dave offer a few examples of big data, and how data scientists are using the Cloud to manage massive amounts of data. Using SQL Azure as an example, Lynn describes why customers are using a combination of NO SQL Windows Azure tables and SQL Azure relational tables.

Bruno Terkaly and Dave on Windows Azure and Mobile Applications

With 4.5 billion mobile devices around the globe, the cloud enables scale in terms of power and storage to support growing markets. In this video, Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist Bruno Terkaly and Dave discuss how the cloud is powering the mass consumerization of mobile applications and enables sites with massive storage needs and a growing user base, to scale using the cloud.

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