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Microsoft MPI v8.0 release

Gepost op 27 februari, 2017

Senior SDE, Microsoft Azure

We are happy to announce the release of the newest version of Microsoft MPI (MS-MPI). MS-MPI v8 is the successor to the Microsoft MPI v7.1 redistributable package (released in June 2016). You can download a copy of MS-MPI v8 from the Microsoft download center.

MS-MPI v8 includes the following new features, improvements, and fixes.

  • Complete support for all MPI-3 non-blocking collectives.
  • Support for MPI_Reduce_scatter_block.
  • Performance improvement for MPI_Alltoallv and MPI_Alltoallw.
  • A bug in MS-MPI v7 that causes missing information in the event source for the MSMPI Launch Service.
  • A bug in MS-MPI v7.1 that causes a hang in MSMPI Launch Service.
  • A bug in MS-MPI v7 that can results in a bad port string returned from MPI_Open_port.

The MS-MPI v8 SDK is also available on nuget.

Note: The SDK components for MS-MPI (headers and libraries) ship separately from the redistributable package binary files. However, it is available from the same download page with the redistributable package.

To learn more about MS-MPI, see Microsoft MPI on MSDN or for detailed questions, or future feature requests please send us email to

You can also find useful information, and ask your own questions, in the Windows HPC MPI Forum.