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Meet the Windows Azure Team at the Future of Web Apps Event in London, October 3-5, 2011

Gepost op 29 september, 2011

The Future of Web Apps (FOWA) is a three-day conference that brings together web visionaries to discuss the technologies, platforms and business models that will launch the next generation of web, mobile and social applications. 

The following Windows Azure experts will speak at FOWA:

  • You're in the Cloud, Now What? - Getting the Most Out of Your Cloud Platform – with Steve Marx (@smarx), Windows Azure technical product manager
  • Building HTML5 Games (includes demo hosted in Windows Azure) – with Giorgio Sardo (@gisardo), Microsoft technical evangelist
  • Why Use Windows Azure for Device Apps? – with Wade Wegner (@wadewegner), Microsoft technical evangelist

We’ll also have a booth where conference attendees can meet with Windows Azure technical experts and see demos of Tankster and other fun games on iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices connected to the cloud.

 Watch @Windows Azure for updates from the event.