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Fujitsu Announces the Global Availability of New Line of Middleware Products to Support Windows Azure

Gepost op 29 juli, 2011

Fujitsu announced the global availability of a new line of middleware products to support the Windows Azure Platform, which comes on the heels of their announcement of the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform service, powered by Windows Azure. The middleware products launching today will run on both FGCP/A5 and the Windows Azure public cloud service, as well as provide customers around the world with the ability to build and deploy with Java and COBOL language runtime environments, migrate existing list applications, and coordinate job scheduling between on-premises and the Windows Azure Platform.

By making this middleware available, Fujitsu will enable customers to more easily develop new applications, or take existing on-premises applications developed using Fujitsu’s market-tested middleware products, and run those applications on the Windows Azure Platform.  To learn more, we encourage you to visit Fujitsu’s Windows Azure service page and the official press release.