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    juli 2018

    19 jul

    Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 name change

    Data Lake Storage Gen2 Preview is available in the West US 2 and West Central US regions. During the preview, usage charges will show as "ADFS" on invoices. Names will change starting September 1, 2018.

    mars 2016

    11 mar

    Code-free copy wizard for Azure Data Factory

    Simplify how you create, deploy, and schedule your data movement pipelines by using the click-through copy wizard for Azure Data Factory.

    februar 2016

    12 feb

    New Data Factory monitoring and management UI now available

    Simplify how you monitor and manage your data pipelines with the new UI for Azure Data Factory.

    november 2015

    18 nov

    Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics integration with Azure Data Factory

    You can use Azure Data Factory to move data to and from Data Lake Store, and you can run queries with Data Lake Analytics.

    oktober 2015

    29 okt

    Public preview: Azure Data Lake Store

    Azure Data Lake Store provides a single repository where you can simply capture data of any size, type, and speed—without forcing changes to your application as the data scales.