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The Azure Bot Service is powered by Azure App Services and follows its pricing model. When you choose the consumption hosting plan, the Azure Bot Service will run on Azure Functions in consumption mode. When you choose the App Service plan, the Azure Bot Service will run as standard Azure Web App.

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As a part of creating your bot, Azure Bot Service will provision an instance of Application Insights using the basic tier and will appear in your Azure subscription. Azure Bot Service will then be configured to send diagnostic events and other telemetry for your bot and is used to power the analytics page. Learn more about Bot Service analytics.

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During bot creation, you will choose an Azure Bot Service template most appropriate for your scenario. Depending on which template you use for your Bot, Azure Bot Service may need to provision an instance of the Cognitive Service Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) or QnA Maker. Both are created using free or trial tiers and will appear in your Azure subscription.

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  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Tech support for preview services is available in our forums.
  • No SLA during the preview period. Learn more.


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