Specialist Computer Centres

Specialist Computer Centres

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SCC is Europe’s largest independent IT services company, offering exceptional design, installation, and maintenance capabilities across a wide spectrum of Microsoft technologies. More and more, medium and large private and governmental organisations are turning to us to help them migrate to Microsoft Azure’s reliable, highly-efficient cloud-based architecture. Among our other services, we offer tailored planning, implementation and support to help you put in place:

• Hybrid cloud infrastructure—SCC specialists can configure your datacentre to take advantage of the power and capacity of Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, and Microsoft System Center. This hybrid configuration gives you virtually unlimited enterprise-grade technology, so you can easily move workloads from your datacentre to the cloud, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. You’ll also have practically unlimited data storage, backup and recovery capabilities.

• Identity management—We can install Azure Active Director or Windows Server Active Directory to provide identity management capabilities that easily integrate with your existing applications. Our team can help you define security parameters that let users log into your consumer-facing apps with either site specific credentials or by using existing accounts such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

• Disaster recovery—We can develop comprehensive disaster recovery plans for your organisation that protect your systems and data worldwide. Either on your own or in conjunction with our team, restoration can be orchestrated rapidly using pre-set mapping to re-create your system on a secure recovery platform. In addition, we can coordinate and manage the ongoing encrypted replication of your system between your datacentre and Azure, as well as between Azure and your secondary datacentre or recovery site.

You’ll find that we’re committed to building trusted, long-term customer relationships, giving you access to a team of specialists who know your business, its needs and evolution. As a leading Gold and Silver certified Microsoft partner, SCC has a proven track record of delivering solutions encompassing licensing, cloud services and mobile technology. With our in-house specialists and resources, we have the talent and the capability to help you gain more value and capability from your system.

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