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What is Azure?
Azure is Microsoft's application flexible platform for the public cloud. It's so flexible, you can use it in different ways like building massively scalable web applications, storing data, creating virtual machines for development, and a wide range of other services. Essentially, Azure can be anything you want it to be.

How does Azure work?
Azure acts as the gateway to a wide range of IT services found in Microsoft datacenters worldwide. Now, at each of those datacenters, there are IT administrators that manage and allocate the resources you need.
That way, you can get a hold of your services
almost instantly.

Now that's what you call cloud power.

Microsoft Azure Services
Azure is a platform filled with unlimited possibilities. It lets you do everything, from hosting your company's website to running big SQL databases in the cloud. However, its' cloud-based services can be divided into four basic categories:
• Compute Services - Gives the processing power required for cloud applications you need to run. Windows
• Network Services - Lets you choose how applications can be delivered to users and datacenters
• Data Services- Provides different ways of storing, managing, safeguarding, analyzing, and reporting business data.
• App Services - Helps you enhance the performance, security, discoverability, and integration of your cloud apps.

Getting Started
Now that you have an idea of how Azure works, it would be the perfect time to get in touch with our cloud experts to learn more about this platform. Call us at 1-800-700-1000 today to learn more about Microsoft Azure and how it can help your organization achieve cloud productivity and reach new heights.

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