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Insight offers a variety of Azure solutions and services to meet your business and IT needs. Insight is an elite Azure partner of Microsoft's as an "Azure Circle" Partner.

Insight's Azure Solutions Typically Include:

Infrastructure Services
•Windows Azure provides on-demand infrastructure that scales and adapts to your changing business needs.

Mobile Apps
•Windows Azure makes it fast and easy to build mobile apps that scale.

Web Applications
•Windows Azure offers secure and flexible development, deployment and scaling options for any sized web application.

•Windows Azure Media Services allows you to build scalable, cost effective, end-to-end media distribution solutions that can stream media to Adobe Flash, Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices and platforms.

•Windows Azure enables you to bring together all your applications, data, devices, and partners, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Identity & Access Management
•Windows Azure Active Directory delivers enterprise-ready identity services that streamline directory and access management in the cloud.

Big Data
•Reveal new insights and drive better decision making with Windows Azure HDInsight, a Big Data solution powered by Apache Hadoop.

Development and Test Using Virtual Machines
•Windows Azure enables you to develop and test applications faster, at a reduced cost, and with the flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premises.

Storage, Backup, & Recovery
•Windows Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery solutions for any data, big and small.

Data Management
•Windows Azure provides the right solution for your data needs, from SQL database to blobs to tables.

Why Choose Insight?

Insight is Microsoft’s Largest Global Reseller and has been providing Microsoft solutions for over 25 years. We were one of the first Microsoft Large Account Resellers and Enterprise Software Advisors. Our focus is serving

•Managing 4,000 Enterprise Agreements
•33 years of Global Software Experience
•Award Winning MS Systems Integrator (SI)
•Services practices aligned specifically with Microsoft Stack
•Within the Microsoft Partners in Competencies
•8 Gold and 8 Silver Competencies

Insight holds Gold Competencies in:
•Identity and Access
•Management and Virtualization
•Software Asset Management

Insight holds Microsoft Competencies in:
•Application Development
•Application Integration
•Business Intelligence

Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner

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