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As more and more organisations of all shapes and sizes increasingly focus on digitalization as an opportunity to transform their business, the conversation is as much about using technology for competitive advantage as it is about the need to maintain ones existing position in the market.
The organisations that succeed in the fast-moving environment of modern business are those whose leaders possess a clear and uncompromised vision of their organisation’s future and the immediate opportunity to embrace emerging digital technologies as means to disrupt traditional business models and approaches.
A consistent message emerging from such organisations is the importance of working closely with technology partners with the skills, experience and insight needed to plan and deliver the technical solution to support their desired business outcomes. When it comes to cloud services one such partner is Ensyst.
Since 2007 Ensyst has helped hundreds of organisations transform the way they do business around Microsoft Cloud Services. Ensyst’s depth of capabilities, breadth of experience and proven Cloud Transformation Approach to help clients optimize, transform and modernize their business around Microsoft Cloud based services and applications.
Amongst its many accolades, Ensyst was recently recognized as the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure Platform Partner of the Year, confirming Ensyst as a leader in innovation and excellence, helping clients achieve a defined cloud vision and consistently successful delivery outcomes.

Cloud Transformation Approach
1. Planning your journey to the Cloud
The initial, yet critical, element of a successful cloud transformation is development of a clear strategy capturing the current business and technology landscapes, identifying available options and evaluating associated costs and benefits to arrive at a vision for the future.
Ensyst can assist at each step, helping define the role of cloud services, develop transformation plans and planning the ongoing operational model.
2. Cloud Foundation
A vital element of any successful cloud implementation is ensuring the underlying IT fabric has the capability to support the seamless and secure connectivity required by Cloud services. For this reason, Ensyst’s approach includes a short Cloud Foundation phase during which it will evaluate your existing environment to ensure it provides a requisite level of performance, reliability and security needed to comfortably move ahead with the proposed transformation project.
3. Cloud Migration - Seamless transformation to the Cloud
Transforming an environment to the cloud is complex, requiring a significantly different skill set to that needed of a more traditional IT environment.
Having an experienced partner accompany you on the journey is critical, enabling you to accelerate timelines, minimise risk and ensure the delivered outcome meets, if not exceeds, the expectations of your business.
To this end Ensyst is an ideal partner. Leveraging proven toolsets, methodologies and processes Ensyst provides the leadership, guidance and support services needed to ensure a successful migration, whilst empowering your existing IT team with the operational skills to ensure the ongoing performance of the new environment.
4. Cloud Platform - Providing the platform for Microsoft Hybrid Cloud
Microsoft Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing model that combines the benefits of Microsoft Azure, Optus Managed Cloud and on-premise cloud services under a single, integrated cloud environment.
Being a modern, distributed, computing platform, Microsoft Hybrid cloud enables one to seamlessly migrate workloads throughout the three environments to achieve the optimal balance of flexibility, computing performance and security, without the cost and management complexity associated with running discrete environments.
Working with Optus and Microsoft, Ensyst can provide the necessary network and infrastructure components which together with its consulting, engineering and support services ensure the resulting Hybrid Cloud service delivers the promised benefits to your business.
5. Cloud Control - Management of workloads in multiple cloud environments
Ensyst has been at the forefront of Cloud for many years. We have extensive experience providing Managed Services within a managed Cloud environments, encompassing all forms of Cloud platform including traditional on premises virtualization Private Cloud, through co- located and public Cloud.
On top of the traditional IT operational, support and managed services you would expect from an IT managed services provider, Ensyst has introduced a management service we call Cloud Control for our customers moving to and operating in the Cloud.
The ability to stand up a workload in an environment quickly and efficiently is imperative to the success of managing services that span multiple cloud platforms. This needs to be underpinned by governance and cost control to ensure that the benefits that should be realized are achieved.
The Ensyst Cloud Control Cloud Management Service offering is specifically designed to give visibility across multiple cloud platforms to be able to manage them more efficiently along with the appropriate governance. This service delivers a Cloud Management service built on market leading software, process and tools; managed by Ensyst. Customers receive a granular view of their cloud environments and are able to maximize costs and efficiencies in real time.
The service provides access to on real-time, on-demand, granular data that empowers and enables customers to make faster, informed decisions.

Perhaps you are yet to begin your organisation’s digital transformation, or currently evaluating your options or maybe your aware of what you want achieve but lacking the expertise and experience to get there. No matter where you’re placed, Ensyst is uniquely positioned to help you achieve the benefits of your own cloud vision.

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