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e-Zest Solutions Ltd.

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Cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate today. Microsoft Azure offers a high performance cloud solution to businesses. It allows companies to embrace the latest technologies as a service, be it Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). It even offers cost benefits through pay-per-use business models.

Using e-Zest's enterprise cloud computing services based on Microsoft Azure, your team can connect through an effective system of tools, irrespective of their choice of devices.

e-Zest's team of cloud professionals understands the cloud ecosystem very well. We offer cloud assessment and adoption services for our enterprise customers through:

Assessment: e-Zest helps you understand the strategic impact, risk impact and financial impact of moving to the cloud and provides a detailed cost benefit analysis of the enterprise cloud.

Design: Unique business requirements and other factors such as processing power, level of security, billing and metering system and scalability demand impacts enterprise cloud design. We design an enterprise cloud architecture model after thorough assessment of your needs.

Deployment: e-Zest deploys your enterprise cloud from the initial stages to full-fledged production environment seamlessly.

Integration and Customization: e-Zest's expertise in Microsoft Azure and detailed understanding of the cloud ecosystem help with integration and customization of your enterprise cloud solution.

Operations: It includes data migration, parallel runs, preventive maintenance, security monitoring, risk assessment, compliance assessment, periodic security audits, support SLAs and help-desk systems.

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