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CapTech Consulting

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CapTech is an award-winning national IT management consulting firm bridging the gap between business and technology. We deliver Transformation, Customer Engagement, Data & Analytics and Custom IT solutions for America’s leading Fortune 500 and government agencies. Our collaborative approach helps organizations grow their business, engage with customers and turn information into powerful data assets. Our clients tell us it’s because others talk, CapTech listens.

Back-end and Cloud Integration

Have you pushed your innovation and business to the limit? Cloud computing offers global reach and immediate scalability to handle data loads at peak times. Operating in the cloud increases agility and reduces time to market while reducing costs. Our IT Service Optimization team analyzes business processes and IT services for inefficiencies. We perform risk assessments to evaluate current systems and processes against standard objectives (set by you) to identify key opportunities for your business to excel.

We prioritize investment opportunities across the enterprise with respect to fit, value, and risk based on your business goals and drivers. The result is a Transformation Roadmap that allow your system to be robust, scalable, and agile enough for individual projects while keeping the integrity of the long-term solution in mind. Our Cloud Implementation Team then delivers on the Transformation Roadmap projects, developing integrated, secure, and manageable cloud solutions. We work with your team to transition knowledge and tailor the implementation to your culture.

Big Data

Big data allows companies to capture and stream massive amounts of information and real world visualizations – all in one place. This revolutionizes business by putting critical assets and analytics, the power of numbers, at your fingertips in real-time. But only if you have the right system that enables you to use it.

That’s where CapTech comes in. We provide consulting, systems architecture, data integration, quality, governance, and systems security consulting to help you manage and keep those assets secure

Native & Mobile HTML5 Design & Development

The customer experience has changed. No longer is it limited to a single interaction. But instead a myriad of sensory and data-experience driven opportunities to live within a brand. Omni-channel marketing, increased digital competition, evolving customer anticipations and expectations, the movement of consumers from computers to tablets, smart phones, and beyond - has embedded the technology environment.

CapTech can help you mobilize these digital channels to deliver an all-encompassing customer experience with mobile. CapTech also understands that mobile technology isn’t just an extra add-on service. Our proven process leverages mobile technologies as a key component of a long-term business strategy that advances the enterprise’s long-term strategic goals. One that should be scalable, secure, and flexible with an architecture that paves the way for rich mobile applications that do not disrupt existing enterprise systems.

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