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The move to the cloud drives the need for a much tighter integration of development and operational roles.

KoreCloud brings an intense DevOps focus, offering a team that not only masters infrastructure and configuration, but is also capable of jumping in and rolling up their sleeves to deb ug and write scripts - for all-around automation.

With KoreCloud, you can rest assured that you will realize the full benefit of the cloud – whether public, private or hybrid. With Apparatus working behind the scenes, you'll experience a smarter approach to the cloud – leveraging the whole new level of scalability and automation the cloud has to offer.

Proactive Server Configuration, Monitoring and Management:
- Monitoring usage and health
- Application Performance Monitoring and Optimization
- Auto-scale and capacity management
- Support for PaaS application components
- Automated provisioning
- Image management
- Configuration management

Security Management:
- Patch management
- Access control
- Security monitoring and configuration

Backup & Data Replication:
- Configuration backups
- Server backup strategy
- Data backup strategy
- Cloud DR strategy

DevOps Practices:
- Automated testing systems
- Continuous integration services
- Infrastructure automation platform
- Continuous delivery systems

Managed Hybrid Cloud :
- Seamless management of applications across multiple cloud providers

Apparatus Operations Center:
- Proactive monitoring and maintenance to actively reduce the number of incidents
- 24/7 support from skilled technologists – service requests up through tier 3
- Trending analysis and recommendations for optimization
- Dependable service levels and aggressive resolution targets
- Phone and web-based portal for submitting service tickets (incident and change requests)
- Up-to-date status of infrastructure and platform vitals via web-based portal
- Incident and change request reports

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