Azure Websites Migration Assistant

Migrate from on-premises IIS to the cloud with confidence

The Azure Websites Migration Assistant will analyze your IIS installation and identify which sites can be migrated to the cloud, highlighting any elements which cannot be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.

Once analyzed the migration assistant will also create the website(s) and database(s), under a given Azure subscription, required to support your site(s).


Automated Assessment and Migration

  • This tool will provide a high level Readiness Assessment.
  • The report outlines sites which are ready to move, elements which may need changes and highlights unsupported features.
  • The detailed report offers expert guidance and advice tailored to your environment.
  • The tool creates any Website(s) and associated database(s), if applicable, automatically and synchronizes your content.

Expert Advice

Your readiness assessment shows sites that are ready to migrate and sites that need additional configuration or design changes.

Readiness Assessment Report

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