Lanseringen av Visual Studio 2017 og 20-års jubileum


Mesosphere DCOS, Azure, Docker, VMware & Everything Between – Deploying DC/OS with Azure Container Service

27 jul – We have a working DC/OS cluster on top of vSphere but now, it’s time to deploy another cluster using Azure Container Service (ACS). Fear not, it will be much quicker to get this baby up & running in Azure with no pain what so ever.

Microsoft Azure leads the industry in ISO certifications

27 jul – We are happy to announce that Microsoft Azure recently completed a new set of independent third-party ISO and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) audits to expand our certification portfolio.  Azure…

Training a neural network to play Hangman without a dictionary

27 jul – We used reinforcement learning and CNTK to train a neural network to guess hidden words in a game of Hangman. Our trained model has no reliance on a reference dictionary: it takes as input a variable-length, partially-obscured word (consisting of blank spaces and any correctly-guessed letters) and a binary vector indicating which letters have already been guessed. In the git repository associated with this post, we provide sample code for training the neural network and deploying it in an Azure Web App for gameplay.

App Service Environment v2 release announcement

27 jul – Announcing release of Azure App Service Environment v2 and the Isolated pricing plan

General availability: Instant file recovery from Azure VM backups

27 jul – Instant recovery of files from Azure VM backups is generally available.

Bli med: Lanseringen av Visual Studio 2017 og 20-års jubileum

9 feb – Jeg er utrolig stolt av at Visual Studio i dag blir 20 år – vi feirer to tiår med Visual Studio! Nå som vi passerer denne store milepælen, er jeg også glad for å kunne kunngjøre at Visual Studio 2017 kommer til å bli lansert den 7. mars.

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