Lanseringen av Visual Studio 2017 og 20-års jubileum


Introducing Azure Availability Zones for resiliency and high availability

22 sep – As part of our commitment to providing customers with a platform for their most demanding, mission-critical workloads, I’m excited to announce expanded capabilities for Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure.

On-premises Azure Files access on Linux update and new troubleshooter

21 sep – We had announced the availability of Linux on-premises and cross-region mounting of Azure Files for the first OS distribution - Ubuntu 17.04, in April. Today, we are happy to share that more Linux distributions now include this functionality, which will allow on-premises and cross-region mounting of Azure Files.

New offers in Azure Marketplace

21 sep – Last month 31 great new cloud offerings were published to Azure Marketplace. Check ‘em out!

Support for blob storage lease management from the Azure portal

21 sep – You can conveniently manage leases on containers and blobs of storage accounts right from the Azure portal.

Route IoT device messages to Azure Storage with Azure IoT Hub

21 sep – IoT Hub has a new custom endpoint type available: Azure Storage containers! Azure Storage containers joins Service Bus queues, topics, and Event Hubs as supported custom endpoint types for IoT Hub…

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9 feb – Jeg er utrolig stolt av at Visual Studio i dag blir 20 år – vi feirer to tiår med Visual Studio! Nå som vi passerer denne store milepælen, er jeg også glad for å kunne kunngjøre at Visual Studio 2017 kommer til å bli lansert den 7. mars.

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