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An Azure IoT and Mobile sample application

What is the MyDriving IoT sample application?

At Build 2016, we showcased a scalable, performant, highly available, and cross platform IoT service and application. MyDriving uses a wide range of Azure services to process and analyze car telemetry data for both real-time insights and long-term patterns and trends. Play with the app in a sandbox environment or deploy it to your own Azure subscription now.


This app uses off the shelf OBD II compatible devices to get diagnostic and real time information from your car and uses your phone as a Field Gateway to communicate to Azure IoT Hub.

Find compatible devices for your phone

Azure Services

Data from the phone and OBD device is collected, stored and analyzed in Azure using a variety of services including Azure IoT Hub, Streaming Analytics, HDInsight, and Azure App Service.

Take a look at the Azure services we used to build the app

iOS, Android, and UWP Mobile Apps

The mobile app is built using Xamarin for iOS and Android which offers unprecedented flexibility and code reuse to build cross-platform native application. The UWP version of the application shares a significant part of the code with its iOS and Android counterparts.

Install Visual Studio with Xamarin

See how Visual Studio and Xamarin enable you to build mobile apps

Developer? Right this way.

Start by trying out our app in our sandbox environment, or build and deploy the app and services to your own subscription.

MyDriving Reference Guide

Understand how the team went about building the solution. The overall architecture, decision points, technologies used, best practices and more.

Download the reference guide


MyDriving – An Azure IOT and Mobile sample application

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Overview of the MyDriving An Azure IOT and Mobile Sample application, as shown in the ScottGu keynote

The MyDriving IOT Starter Kit is a canonical example of a highly scalable, performant, available and cross-platform IOT service and application. This application brings together our best Azure, developer platform and service offerings to showcase the breadth and depth of Microsoft offerings in this space. The architecture guidance and the associated documentation provides an in-depth insight into the best practices and patterns adopted by the team during development. Learn how to we went about building and designing this solution, as well as how you can go about building and deploying your own version of the service and application.

MyDriving Sample Application

In this episode, Robert is joined by Harikrishna Menon, who shows us MyDriving, an Azure IoT and Mobile sample application. This solution uses On-board diagnostics (OBD) data from your car to analyze your driving. The backend uses multiple Azure Services like IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, SQL databases, HDInsight, Machine Leaning, and App Services and how you can configure them without having to write a lot of code. The app runs on Windows, iOS and Android and is built with Xamarin. Hari shows how to make use of the full DevOps cycle (Visual Studio Team Services, HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud) to build, test and distribute the app.

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Visual Studio Team Services

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